You can learn all this from

On this website you can learn from the results of my thirty years of experience, research and observations of leaders. You will
learn to be a leader.

I will share with you ...

  • Clear definitions of leadership
  • An outline of the major leadership models and theories, in clear and simple language
  • Beyond the theory to leadership in practice - my observations about successful leaders.

These are the basics. In addition, as I develop this site I will tell you about:

  • The difference between management versus leadership
  • An exciting new approach to developing leadership practices – the Success Cycle
  • Tranformational leadership vs Transactional leadership
  • The ethics of leadership
  • An explation of different styles of leadership, including directive leadership and facilitative leadership
  • Four simple steps to becoming a leader
  • The eleven skills of leadership
  • Leadership self-assessment.

And you can learn from other leaders

  • Quotations from famous, and not so famous, leaders
  • Case studies of leaders
  • Fictional leaders or Leadership goes to the movies.

I will take you though the steps to being a leader

  • How to develop your own leadership vision
  • How to communicate that vision to others
  • What it means to walk the leadership talk
  • Growing your confidence as a successful leader.

I will point you towards ...

  • World class leadership development programmes
  • The best books on leadership
  • The latest research on leadership.

How have people used this learning?

The people I have worked with have gone on to:

  • Lead highly successful projects
  • Run companies of all sizes
  • Form and lead high performing teams
  • Start their own profitable businesses
  • Win major contracts with clients
  • Transform their organisations to make them fit for the future
  • Managed change programmes by taking people with them
  • Win prestigious awards
  • Develop innovative new ways of working.

Each has started just like you. They first wanted to be a leader, they then learned to be a leader and, by putting their learning into practice, they went on to be a Leader, recognised and admired by engaged and motivated followers.

Admired by followers

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