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Here is a list of links to other great sites that contain very useful leadership and related material.

THR consulting
My corporate website where I outline THR's bespoke training, facilitation and coaching services - for leaders and learners.

A really good site that contains some great online resources and e-learning packages for aspiring and developing leaders.

John Adair
John Adair's own home page with more details of the man, his work and the courses that he runs.
Select from over 20 career, personality and fun tests to help you find job fit and discover your true self.

The Scout Association
Catch up on whats new with the UK branch of world's best leadership development organisation for young people.

World Organisation of the Scout Movement
And with the world organisation - it currently has 28 million members.

White Stag
The US leadership camp for young people, using the eleven skills of leadership.

Management Standards Centre
The MSC publishes the UK's national standards for management and leadership.

Committee on Standards in Public Life
The Committee publishes the Seven Principles of Public Life, with which all holders of public appointments in the UK are expected to comply.

SMART goal setting tips
This is a great site, offering practical help and tools for setting SMART goals.

Thousands of businesses for sale
Buy or sell a business at RightBiz. Connecting business buyers and sellers!

Leadership Development tool
Follow this to prepare your own Leadership Development Plan.

Leadership Qualities
Developing your leadership qualities is a matter of choice not birth. Everyone is a leader and everyone can choose to develop their skills and characteristics. On this premise is an ever-growing resource of practical leadership development tools and techniques and tips from more than 20 years of applied research in leadership.

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