Leadership Books
If you learn by reading, these are among the best

There are some great leadership books being published. On this page I will list some of the best recent ones that I have found.

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Management Training: By the book is a pretty comprehensive programme covering a range of management and leadeship topics.

Situational Leadership 101 is from the Center for Situational Leadership, where Dr. Paul Hersey works. It includes a self-assessment tool as well as an online course.

The Persuasion Black Book reveals the secrets of persuasion as used by the most influential of leaders.

Lessons in Leadership draws on real-life examples from Australia, the European Union and North America to demonstrate the applications of leadership theory in public services management.

Leadership in Organizations is essential reading for all interested in the areas of leadership and management development, this book features contributions from some of the field's leading scholars.

Transformational Leadership is a comprehensive review of transformational leadership. It features examples of transformational leadership in a variety of settings as well as measures of transformational leadership.

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