Fifteen Skills of Leadership provides a list of Fifteen Skills of Leadership that they use to underpin their test of leadership potential.

Their 15 skills are:

  1. Diligence - How hard do you work?
  2. Persistence - For how long will you work to achieve your goal?
  3. Understanding - Can you listen to others’ problems?
  4. Confrontation - Do you have problems confronting adversaries?
  5. Public Speaking - Can you stand in front of crowds and talk to them?
  6. Problem Solving - Are you able to find appropriate solutions?
  7. Role Model - Do people look up to you and your values?
  8. Disposition - Are you easy to get along with?
  9. Flexibility - Can you change your schedule according to group majority?
  10. Ambition - Do you ever settle for mediocrity?
  11. Organization - Can you keep a schedule for you and your followers?
  12. Punctuality - Are you on time for your appointments?
  13. Loyalty - Do you drop out of programs or change votes?
  14. Street Smarts - Can you hold your own voice in the real world?
  15. Versatility - Are you a jack of all trades or a master of none?

Do you have what it takes to effectively lead others in the workplace?
This Leadership Test rates your ability in 15 distinct categories of leadership.

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