The Management Standards Centre

The MSC ( Management Standards Centre ) is responsible for defining the national occupational standards for managers and leaders in the UK.

These standards are used to underpin development frameworks and qualifications. They do not differentiate between managers and leaders but cover both roles.

The basic model describes the successful manager and leader as:

A. Managing self & personal skills
B. Providing direction
C. Facilitating change
D. Working with people
E. Using resources
F. Achieving results

Beneath each of these headings the model provides further detail. For example, “Providing direction” breaks down into areas such as:

  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Provide leadership for your organisation
  • Develop the culture of your organisation
  • Manage risk.

This further detail is then broken down into specific behaviours. The MSC has categorised this detail and the specific behaviours according to different levels of management (eg, senior management to team leader) so that role profiles, leadership training programmes and management qualifications can be built for each level.

Interestingly, the model starts with the need to manage oneself before managing (or leading) others. This is known as an inside-out approach and consistent with the expectation that leaders can walk the talk, or do first what they ask of others. In other words that they can set an example.

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