Welcome to the first edition of Learn2Lead, the e-Zine newsletter from Learn-to-be-a-Leader.com.

I will publish the e-Zine at intervals to tell you about new material on the website and to keep you informed about updates.

And I will showcase original material offered by readers with their insights into leaders and leadership!

Just to remind you, Learn-to-be-a-Leader.com is an open access website aimed at everyone who aspires to be a leader - and those leaders who wish to be even better. It is a mix of leadership theory, observations of leaders in practice, practical help and advice and leadership tools.

What is the difference between management & leadership?

I review the key differences on Learn-to-be-a-Leader.com, so that you can focus on the aspects o leadership that are important to you.

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Have you seen the Success Cycle?

The Success Cycle is my own model used by leaders planning to achieve a vision. It brings together the key elements of sucess, leadership, planning and organisation into one framework.

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What career are you best suited to?

Take the MAPP Assessment test, the test that a growing number of employers are using to identify candidates' career potential.

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Fancy a good read?

"Management Training: By the Book" is a great self-study programme covereing a range of management and leadership discliplines. Great if you like to learn this way!

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Disappointed with goal achievement?

We've allbeen taught the importance of goals. But I have always been a bit disappointed with SMART!

Go to NewSMART goals to find out how I have strengthened SMART to make it more robust.

My Amazon book store

I am developing an Amazon book store, selecting the best in leadership texts. Its still in the early stages but I have started work on two categories - "What is leadership?" and "Leadership theory".

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