Do you Want to be a Leader?
(or an even better Leader
than you are today)

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
John F. Kennedy

Some people believe that leaders are born not made, that it is natural ability that elevates the best to stand out from the rest.

I don't agree!

All the leaders that you and I admire have made conscious decisions to
- learn the skills,
- develop the qualities and
- practice the actions

that have made them recognised and followed by others.

The great thing is that if they have learned, then so can you.
And I can show you how.

Anyone can learn

This site is for you ...

...if you aspire to be a leader.
... or if you want to be an even better one.
... if you want to learn what makes good leaders great.
... if you want to be recognised and admired by willing followers.

Follow the leader

Whether you are already a leader with some experience and some success, or whether you aspire to be a leader and want to take the first steps to being recognised as such by others, this website will give you the help you need to learn to be a leader, with engaged and motivated followers.

This site is mainly material that I have written, based on experiences and insights. But I have also built in some links to other resources, a list of fantastic eBooks and even my own Amazon store of recommended reading.

Tony Harvey, Basic Author

Just work through the navigation bar on the left of the site and follow your interest. Or use the search box below to look for what you want.

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You can learn ...
What you can learn about being a leader from
What is leadership? Define leadership and leadership characteristics.
My favourite definition of what is leadership - and some others! And a look at different types of leadership and some of the implications for leaders.
Leadership versus management. Defining features of leadership and management.
What is the difference between leadership versus management? Are they different roles and functions, or just two names for one thing?
Leadership theories, leadership models and leadership principles.
An overview of the main leadership theories, models and principles, in everyday language. Backed up by more in depth descriptions and references to the original work.
Leadership Skills. Exactly what are leadership skills?
My favourite lists of leadership skills, those necessary for effective leadership.
Leadership qualities
A look at my favourite lists of desirable, good leadership qualities.
Leadership styles. What sort of leader are you?
Just what are the different leadership styles? I give you an easy to follow overview.
Situational leadership
An overview of the classic model of leadership styles, Hersey & Blanchard's situational leadership theory.
Transformational leadership
My summary of what is meant by transformational leadership theory and the skills involved.
Transactional leadership - is it a poor relation to transformational leadership
My summary of what we mean by transactional leadership, and when it might be appropriate
Leadership Ethics - are there ethics in leadership and what are they?
An overview of leadership ethics - what do followers expect of their leaders?
Leadership quotes - in their own words.
My favourite collection of some of the best leadership quotes around.
What leaders do - the functions, tasks and actions of effective leaders
A list of what leaders do - the effective ones, with enaged and motivated followers, anyway!
Success Cycle
Use the Success Cycle to create a strategic leadership plan - for your organisation, your team or yourself!
SMART goals - a new improved approach
Why SMART goals don't work and a new definition!
Four steps to being an effective leader
These four steps are simple, easy to remember and they really work! The best summary of leadership I know.
Seven habits of highly effective people
An overview of Stephen Covey's powerful list of the seven habits that distinguish highly effective people.
Authentic leadership
A description of authentic leadership, based on Kristin Robertson's seven characteristics
Military Leadership. Is it different from civilian leadership?
I look at military leadership and quote the leadership philosophy and principles of a leading Commanding Officer.
Public leadership
What do we mean by public leadership? Can we look up to our leaders in the public eye?
MAPP Assessment
A brief outline of the MAPP Assessment tool and an opportunity to take the test - for free
Fifteen Skills Assessment
A fifteen skills assessment of your leadership potential - on line.
Leadership Development - options in leadership education, training & development
An easy way through the maze that is leadership development!
Leadership Books - to help you learn to be a leader
A list of great Leadership books - all available online.
About Tony Harvey - founder of
This will tell you about Tony Harvey, the "I" behind
THR consulting
Find out about THR consulting, the corporate twin of
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